I’m LaChelle.

I have an incredible husband, four beautiful and intelligent children, a baking blog, a degree in Piano Performance, a cozy home in Utah Valley, and a deep affinity for mint chocolate chip ice cream and Doctor Who.

Oh, and I’m going to conquer the world.

So, here’s my devious plan for world domination: I’m going to write great stories, bake great treats, make great music, keep a great home, raise great children, be a great wife, and acquire more great skills. And I plan on having the time of my life through it all.

Sure, that sounds like a busy schedule. But nobody said conquering the world would be easy. It takes hard work and guts. It takes energy.

So I’ve made up my mind to be energetic.

Although this is primarily a ‘writing’ blog, you will inevitably see some of my other interests leaking through. Be prepared to occasionally see a bit of food, movies, literature, housekeeping, children, humor, and faith.

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twitter: @lachellehansen

email: lachellehansen (that’s gmail)


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