Do Not Feed the Internal Editor

I’ve heard it a gazillion times:

Turn off your internal editor.

Don’t try to make it perfect the first time.

Move on and fix it later.

Easier said than done, people.

After whizzing through several chapters in the past month, I seem to be hung up on this one.

I’ll struggle with something, conquer it, feel good, move on, and get stuck on something else two paragraphs later. Like I’m slogging through molasses.

As I’m staring at the word document and bleeding through my forehead, the temptation to line edit what’s already there is high. It gives me a false sense of progress, when I’m really just stalling while waiting for inspiration to magically appear and bail me out.

Unfortunately, inspiration won’t strike while I’m staring at the screen and tinkering with sentences. It comes as I buckle down and shovel words – imperfect words – onto the page.

I’m slowly coming to understand that my own personal brand of writers block usually takes the form of that pesky internal editor getting her way.

And look! What started out as a post about shutting off the internal editor turned into a lesson on working through writers block. Imagine that…